Why you will Never Achieve your Goals

Why you will not achieve your goals, how to achieve your goals and objectives

Climbers fulfilling their Goals and Objectives By rituraj64 is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Goals. Easier set, seldom achieved. Call them anything. Do you want to call them objectives? Or aims?  If you feel strongly about it you call it a resolution. And if you happen to do it on a new years eve, you call it a new year's resolution. Whatever, Tam-aa-to, Tam-ae-toe, Tamatar, it doesn't matter. The chances of you getting there are not good.

Why??? ... I'll tell you why.. If your goals suffer from even one of the following, you can forget about your goals.

You didn't believe in it:

Really, that's the first stumbling block. You heard a story, you watched somebody, hell.. you saw a movie. And you got inspired, and you decided to your self that you will achieve whatever that person did. And be as good in it.

Gimme a break!! Ask your self, do you really want to do that? However ridiculously good that person was, it was what HE wanted, or what SHE wanted. You might not have the same interest. You are merely trying to replicate, and it will not work, because that is not what appeals to you. Give it two nights sleep and you would have forgotten about it too.

Align your goals with something that you like. Something that you have the skill for, or something that you would be happy to acquire the skill for.

You were talked into it:

Yes, it does happen. Somebody who was in a position to influence you managed to convince you that this is what you must be doing. Maybe a friend or parents... Your boss, your wife or your husband.

Yes these people might know you well, but they don't know you like you know yourself. And never will. Don't do it if you think you are going against your gut feel. Always ask yourself twice, and once your own mind, irrespective of what anyone else says, gives you the green light. Go ahead and do it.

You are scared:

You are too scared of what people will say. You are scared if you will be appreciated or not. You are scared that others will laugh at you.

Screw others, most of them suffer from the same insecurities and will continue to. If you like it, if you want to do it. Please go ahead. Yes, its tough to take criticism and even tougher to take snide remarks, but you are the one on the path to your goal, not them.

It's important to prepare yourself for the fact that these hurdles are a non negotiable part of your road to achievement. You have to get past them. No complaining, no getting scared.

You are not passionate about it:

There is a difference between liking something and being passionate about it. Passion is when you enjoy what you do, it makes you happy. You want to get up in the morning and actually go ahead and do it.

Liking something will no doubt give you a good start. But it will only get you thus far. It is passion that will carry you through the rest of the way. If you were to listen to Warren Buffet, he always says, in fact he repeats stuff like 'I really love what I do' , ' I will retire five years after I die'. The old man just loves allocating capital!! Learn something from him.

Passion will make you ignore the snide remarks that people make (or if you are witty, make you tell them something they won't like). So make sure that whatever is your goal, the achievement of it will make you happy from within. You do it for yourself, and nobody else. Oh! But always take constructive criticism seriously.

You talked about your goal:

The moment you tell your goals to someone, you have given yourself a big setback. Do not blabber about your goal. (Unless you're a company and you need to advertise).

Its psychological, when you tell your goals to someone, your urge to complete it reduces. Keep it to yourself, its a secret. Put your head down and work at it. And once you achieve it, it will be there for everyone to see.

Don't be immature and try to impress people with your plans. Do it, achieve it, people will come to talk to you about it themselves.

Try and weed out these things. You don't need to alter your goals, sometimes you need to follow a different path to it, or define your goals differently. Take stock of your strengths and then ask yourself as to how can use your strengths help you achieve what you want.

Once you have answered that, trust me, you will automatically
chart a path that will be free of all these stumbling blocks. Lastly and most importantly, be patient!!

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